This website is for all those who care about building capacity among families involved in child protection.


Our research points to a view that child protection should be done differently: that we need to promote widening and inclusive circles of care for children, while guarding against policies that exacerbate problems of broken relationships, shame and loss.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of relationships among parents, children, carers, families, community workers and child protection authorities. Improving relationships requires empowering those who are currently silenced. Empowerment is necessary to build can-do-ness or capacity that spreads throughout a community and is sustainable.

This website is for researchers, policy advisers, professionals working in the field, and parents and families. We share research papers, reports and publications, links to books, films, press articles and useful websites, and commentary on current policy.

This website brings together findings from the Capacity Building in Child Protection Projects between 2006 and 2011, and ongoing research in the Regulation and Social Capital Project in the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet) at the Australian National University. We have also added a page under publications to share findings from a series of studies on school and workplace bullying. Bullying is one of the most common ways in which children and adults can be harmed.



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An overview of the research we do, targeted towards capacity building