"The government stops parents parenting"

A recent publication from Ibolya Losoncz

Losoncz, Ibolya (2015) ‘The Government Just Stops Parents Parenting’ Finding Better Ways to Build Safety Around Children from a Refugee Background, Child Abuse and Neglect (forthcoming) and RegNet Research Paper No 2015/76


Child and family welfare is a critical issue among newly arrived migrant families in Australia. Humanitarian migrant families are especially at high risk of intervention and child removal by care and protection authorities. This paper examines the main causes of inter-generational family conflict among South Sudanese Australian families and associated claims of Sudanese parents losing their authority due to intervention from child protection authorities. Based on multi-site in-depth interviews with Sudanese community members and workers supporting the community, the article connects participant narratives with Australian institutional settings to understand the reasons for Sudanese parents feeling ill-served by the Australian child protection system. The article concludes by discussing the elements of responsive regulation that are particularly suited to repair, improve and cultivate relationships between care and protection agencies and migrant families.

Download the paper here.